ugly (nzingha) wrote in davis_swap_meet,

some pretty cool stuff, i think

Minolta Dimage Z5

it's a freaking awesome camera
plus i've got a transferrable service protection plan at Ritz Camera on it
-basically if you break it beyond repair, they will replace it for free :)

it's in perfect condition, but i just lost the lens cap
i'll even throw in my SD cards and card-reader

i bought it for $500 in april
offer me something

BOSS BR-532 32-track digital recording studio

it records amazing sound
and interfaces pretty easily with a simple 3.5mm male/male cable
or a smart-media card reader

it is in perfect condition, and comes with its original soft-case, instructional VHS (oh you know you love it), and little cables and things

i bought it for $600 three years ago
offer me something

aim: lauraehartman

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