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For Sale: Twin Bed and Mattress; Twin Loft Bed and Mattress; Entertainment Center; PICTURES!

I'm getting ready to move once again and I need to get rid of my twin bed and entertainment center. And my roomie is selling HER lofted twin bed.

The twin bed is in great shape; it was handmade for me around 5 years ago. It is made of solid pine wood and there's a large pine board underneath for support so no box springs are necessary. The mattress is a SertaPedic Grand Master; it is roughly 4 years old and in really good shape. I don't know much about mattresses but this one is extremely comfortable, especially when you have an egg crate on top. I can throw in an older egg crate pad if anyone is interested.

Asking $75 obo for both the bed and mattress; can be sold separately if desired.

My roommate is selling her lofted twin bed. It's a hand-me-down finished hardwood bed in fair condition. There's some phrases written in pen on parts of the bed (nothing offensive, just random shit), but it's in completely usable shape. The mattress is older (around 10 years) but is still in good and comfy condition. The underside of the loft is a little ghetto (the material hangs down and one of the boards jiggles a little), but it's safe. You can come lay on it if you want. There's also a padded feather cushion for underneath the sheets; it's not really a fitted mattress pad, but it's thick and comfy.

She's also asking $75 obo for all of the above.

Finally, I'm getting rid of our entertainment center. It's an unusual shape, bought second-hand at L Street Furniture. It's in the shape of a big L, with two adjustable shelves on the side and plenty of extra storage space underneath. It's kinda large and obtrusive, but it'll do great if you have the space and don't care too much about the feng shui of your living room.

Asking $10 obo.

Twin bed and mattress:

Loft twin bed and mattress:

(Crap underneath not included).

Entertainment center:

Please email me at or comment back if interested. Thanks!

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